As part oft the pre-work for a UX-/UI-Design remote Bootcamp at Ironhack I was asked to develop an idea for a payment system for Citymapper.

The special thing at Citymapper is, that they suggest not only bus and train as a trip route but rather offer more different options, like…

What I learned about making wireframes with Figma?

As part of an exercise I was asked to complete for the bootcamp in UX-/UI Design at Ironhack I recreated a snippet of a wireframe prototype miming Treatwell.

Well, this prototype is definitely not perfect, but this was not the purpose of…

This one is about Weltschmerz. ;)

As part of the preparation for the UI/UX training at Ironhack, I was asked to look at several sets of principles of design in general.

Here they come: The 10 Principles of Good Design by Braun’s designer Dieter Rams:

  1. Innovation
  2. Usefulness
  3. Aesthetics
  4. Comprehensibility
  5. Unobtrusiveness

Maria Arkadieff

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